Best practices to sell coaching to corporates

Roshni Baronia
2 min readMay 27, 2021

Heather Legge is the founder of Envision Success Inc and author of Lead With Moxie.

Since 2006, Heather has worked with hundreds of small business owners and leaders in larger organizations including First National Bank, Salvation Army, Cresa, Fidelity, Dogtopia, Farmers Insurance, YMCA, WineStyles, etc. She specializes in strategic leadership, communication skills and productivity behaviors.

Heather is a “recovering perfectionist,” data nerd, red wine lover, and has a love/hate relationship with running(!). She lives in the Heartland with her husband.

  1. How easy or difficult is it to sell the coaching services to organizations or individuals
  2. Heather Legge’s professional background
  3. Her predominant area of work — Leadership behavior, Delegation, productivity habits
  4. Her observations on how coaching industry has changed from 2006 till now
  5. Current scenario in business coaching and how the approach has changed
  6. Do we need perfect systems and fully loaded CRMs?
  7. Mistakes that coaches do on social media platforms
  8. How important is it to build local relationships?
  9. Things to focus on while building business relations
  10. Importance of networking and how to do it
  11. Tips for getting into right frame of mind
  12. IS your self worth attached to the outcome of the sales conversation?
  13. You deserve success as do your clients
  14. Being a divine being
  15. Her Quote “Clear out the head trash”
  16. Making sales conversations simple and effective
  17. “Decide the price and state it”

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