An uncomfortable question for women in business

Roshni Baronia
3 min readJan 20, 2022


Do you choose your clients?

You might come back at me saying….Is that even a possibility!

Everyone loves more clients because it means more growth, more money, more scale.

So saying NO to a paying client sounds like commuting the biggest crime because most entrepreneurs believe that the decision making powers about any deal happening or not is vested only with the client and as the service provider, coach, or consultant you are or ought to serve every client who comes knocking at your door!

But guess what — That’s not true.

If you are making yourself available for anyone and everyone — you are serving no one.

If you are chasing the wrong leads — your sales conversion rate will look really sad

If you are always on calls or meetings with prospects who are a misfit for you — you will keep hearing NO from them, facing more and more rejections which further kills your confidence in sales.

Getting the right people on the bus with you is very important in order to maintain sanity in your small business because serving every single client as a solopreneur takes time, energy, resources, and your personal well-being.

You owe it to yourself and your clients to serve those you align with your values, respect your boundaries, and believe in your expertise.

In a world where we are constantly struggling with FOMO… need to adopt and abide by a new mantra — DO LESS AND BE MORE

Be more available for yourself

Be more available for higher-paying clients

Be more available for your highest good to come to you — get out of your own way by weeding out the people who do not resonate with your energies, ideologies, and boundaries.

And a simple and significant way of doing this is to have a filter in your sales funnel.

This Funnel filter will bring to you ‘Qualified Leads’ who match the definition and characteristics of your ideal


  • Increase in connection and confidence during the sales call
  • Prior expectation setting at both ends
  • Better objection handling
  • Reduced rejections in the sales call
  • Optimization of your time

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Each business will have a different set of requirements or characteristics that define its ideal client. Here are the five parameters under which these characteristics can be categorized:

  1. Background information like location, age, gender, name, email, etc.
  2. Behavioral patterns that impact the success of your work with your clients like do they act on the advice given, what values are important to them, why it is important to get the solution you are offering
  3. Urgency as in how much they really need your solution and how much they want it now or when do they want it
  4. Commitment level especially if you have high ticket service/program or if your program requires a lot of assignment submission, attending all the sessions before they move to the next level, or if you need data/resources/information provided to you in a timely manner in order to accomplish your work. You can also pre-handle pricing options here
  5. Visionary stuff like who they really are, their mindset and thought process to understand how good a match you will be for each other in a client-provider relationship.


Pre-qualifying of leads will save you loads of wasted efforts. So put together the right tools and systems in your small business to get aligned prospects on your calendar.

And if you need help with incorporating these strategies and systems in your business, let’s get talking!

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